i never meant to!

the thing is, when you are related to me, you HAVE to understand something….

i get overwhelmed easily.  ugh.

and when i get overwhelmed, the pictures i take for family…they get pushed back.

even when you ARE my sweet baby sister that i think the world of.  even when you are the girl i would do anything for, and show my love to in any way possible…..

i still make you wait...

i swear i never meant to!

it's my public apology :)))….so now here's your post and your pictures :)

my sister sherri & nathan...

who love to get dressed up…..

who love to dance…..

who love to run races….

who love the outdoors….

who love romance….

and old literature...

and anything vintage….

and baking...

and Jesus…..

and yep….each other :)

xoxox you two!

brittany & gabe part one….sigh….


it starts with a sigh, and many more to follow!

from brittany getting ready in her childhood bedroom in her parent's beautiful period home, to the scenic backdrop for their pictures together at gabe's parent's home.

it's sigh sigh siiiiggghhhhhh…..

enjoy this part one of brittany and gabe's gorgeous wedding!

(and britt, it's part one, bc i can't make you wait any longer to see images, and i've been home for more than two consecutive days to work on them!)


i couldn't decide between these two shots…so i posted both :)!





britt's daddy seeing her for the first time.  yes, i cried too.


that little dolly standing on the chair would be this girl's niece!

oh wait…sigh!





it's been a few pics since a sigh….

sigh sigh 

many more to come…and yes, even more sighs!


mr. & mrs. mcnally…it was out of the park!

what a crazy, super busy few months!  

i'm catching up on my blogging today, and absolutely have to showcase this beautiful wedding.  

i've know the fatula family for years…in fact, i remember when tara was born!  (scary!)  so it sure was a thrill to be able to share in this special couple's gorgeous day.  

and after a few pre-wedding mishaps (ummm, the wedding venue burning down, and then a double booking of another!), this couple scored a final home run for their big day….it could not have been any more perfect!  (note: tara & matt are huge pittsburgh pirate fans!)

enjoy this classy, fun, ga ga gorgeous wedding - and congrats mr & mrs mcnally! 

tara's parents' wedding album was on display as she prepared for her big day :)

1st look at the BRIDE!!!! 

9blogFriends & Family 4Joelle Watt Studios1_14.jpg

i guess there's only one  thing left to say…."RAISE IT!"  :)

i'm saying yes :)

i am always asked if i will teach photography, and also wedding photography.  

i never considered myself "teacher material", until i started to teach…and guess what?  i love it!  i love to share my passion, my crazy ideas, and all that i have learned over my career in photography.  

and now, i am teaching my very first wedding workshop.  eeeek!

Spots are limited….you must pre-register!

thinking of ivory soap & j crew…the lykens family

all american?

ivory soap?

j crew?

honestly, could there be a fresher, sweet, cute as a button, classic, but beyond beautiful family out there?


and in case you didn't put it together, this sweetie

was our gorgeous model for our last glamour workshop!  (and will be for our next!)

and their beautiful video with all of their images :))